Daejeon, the city of Science and Technology

The science and technology in Korea has advanced rapidly over the past 50 years, it played a key role to leap from a developing country to an advanced country. The science and technology in Korea present innovative technology over the limits of relying on foreign technique. This allowed Korean companies to expand their business area to the world market. Korea, which had been a beneficiary of foreign aid in 1960s, joined the ranks of developed countries. Since then, Korea has increased its GDP from a billion-dollar to $1.3 trillion as an economic giant. All of these are the result of advances in Korea's science-technology, and there was Daejeon at the heart of it. There are some reasons why Daejeon is well-known mecca of science and technology in South Korea. Firstly, in 1973, President Park Chung-hee established the Daedeok Science Town in Daejeon to maximize South Korea's science-technology capabilities, and a number of government-funded research institutes established to Daejeon. As a result, Daejeon became a symbol of "The city of Science and Technology". Secondly, the Daejeon World Expo was held in 1993, It was the first time that World Exposition was held in a developing country in history. Taking this opportunity, South Korea joined the ranks of advanced countries in a short period of time, also it helped Daejeon to assure their position in the Korea. Moreover, Daejeon has set up various festivals and education programs for cultivating global science-technology talent. Such as, Science festival, the International Youth Robot Competition, and various technical tours in regard to the science-related conventions. Based on these background, Daejeon has been held a lot of science-technology events.


As named of "Asia's Silicon Valley" or "The Hightech technopolis", Daejeon has a world-renowned reputation as a city of science and technology. Over 1,300 research institutes, universities and high-tech companies are located in several specialized zones named 'Daedeok Innopolis' within the city. 15% of all of Korea's national R&D investment is spent in this Daedeok Innopolis. Specialized universities such as KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) or UST (Korea University of Science & Technology) also make sure to shape the next generation of science talents. But the Daejeon city government displays a real eagerness and passion for science. For science-related conventions and congresses hosted in the city will be cared for and supported in Daejeon like nowhere else, adding definite value to your event.