Industry Forum

The industry forum is organized as the companion event to the Entrepreneurship Forum and Start-up Contest in the same day morning. The forum is the place to share the ideas and perspectives for the future development of robotics technologies and thus, all the speakers are invited from the industries. The forum will display the role models for the participants of the startup competition and provide insights on the realization of ideas and commercialization of the products. All the people from academia, industries, students, researchers are welcome to the forum without any limitation.

The details of the industry forum are as follows:

Date: Oct 12 (Wed), 10:00 ~ 12:10 am


Place: Room #301


Organizer: Hyouk Ryeol Choi (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea), Erwin Prassler (H-BRS)s


Program: (10min opening, 6 x 20min presentations)
--- Contact: Prof. Hyouk Ryeol Choi,

1. Greetings from organizers

2. “Toward Service Robotics: An Industry Perspectives”
--- Kyong-Sok Chang, Wonik Robotics/CEO,

3. “DJI Visual Navigation Research and Products”
--- Zhenfei Yang, DJI/Engineer,

4. “How Collaborative Robots are Changing the Face of Manufacturing”
--- Brian Benoit, Rethink Robotics/Engineer,

5. "Socially Intelligent Robots, towards the Next Generation of Consumer Robots"
--- Amit Kumar PANDEY, SoftBank Robotics/Chief Scientist,

6. “3-D Data Processing for Robotic Applications: A New Era is Dawning”
--- Sung Joon Ahn, CurvSurf/CEO,

7. “Possible key Ingredients of a Robot Business towards Innovation Economy”
--- Ren Luo, National Taiwan U/ASUS Computer Inc-CTO,