Special Sessions

As the results of the reviews, four proposals have been accepted for presentation in the special session at the 2016 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robot and Systems (IROS).

As the follow-up, each organizer will collect at least more than 5 papers and the papers should be submitted till March 1. They will be reviewed similar to the regular papers and only the accepted ones will be published in the proceedings. The organizer will be invited to be the chair of the special session and responsible for. Just in case that the number of accepted papers is less than 5, the papers will be reassigned to the other regular sessions according to the topic.


Robotics Software Engineering
Organizer: Bruce A. MacDonald (U Auckland, New Zealand, b.macdonald@auckland.ac.nz)

New Horizon for Robot Audition Applications
Organizer: Kazuhiro Nakadai (Honda Research Institute Japan, Japan, nakadai@jp.honda-ri.com)

Towards the realization of the Aerial Robotic Workers
Organizer: George Nikolakopoulos (LuleƄ U of Technology, Sweden, geonik@ltu.se)

Autonomous Farming Technologies and Agricultural Robotics
Organizer: Inkyu Sa (ETHZ, Switzerland, inkyu.sa@mavt.ethz.ch)
Co-organizer: Ho Soek Ahn (U Auckland, New Zealand, hs.ahn@auckland.ac.nz)