Workshops and Tutorials
Coffee break at Monday and Friday
-- 10:00-10:30am
-- 15:30-16:00pm
Title Organizers Room

Challenges in Robot Competitions

T. Sato, B. Siciliano, H. Christensen Grand

Human-Robot Collaboration: Towards Co-Adaptive Learning Through Semi-Autonomy and Shared Control

G. Maeda, C. Perez D'Arpino,
S. Ivaldi, J. Shah, T. Asfour,
J. Peters, L. Peternel, L. Rozo,
H. Ben Amor, J. Babic, E. Oztop


Microrobots for Next Generation Biomedical Applications

H. Choi, B. Nelson, L. Zhang 112

Shared Autonomy

B. Wrede, W. Burgard, H. Ritter,
S. Wachsmuth

Safety-Related Sensing for Collaborative Applications

H. Ding, F. Flacco, M. Hedelind,
A. Zanchettin


Integrating Multiple Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Techniques in Robotics (MIRROR-16)

M. Mansouri, A. Gaschler, F. Pecora 103

Evaluation and Benchmarking of Underactuated and Soft Robotic Hands

M. Roa, D. Prattichizzo, M. Malvezzi, M. Pozzi 104

Artistically Skilled Robots

F. Leymarie, S. Calinon, D. Berio 105

Virtual Neurorobotics in the Human Brain Project

S. Ulbrich, R. Dillmann, P. Levi,
C. Laschi, E. Falotico

Dexterity Acquisition in Object Manipulation

T. Watanabe, K. Harada, M. Tada 107

Perspectives on Analysis and Design of Human-Centered Robotics

D. Sadigh, K. Driggs-Campbell,
J. Fisad, R. Matthew
Title Organizers Room

RoboCup Tutorial: Multi-Robot Autonomy in Robot Soccer as an Adversarial Domain

M. Asada, M. Veloso, D. Lee, D. Nardi 204~205

Teaching Robotics Through Cloud Simulations

Ricardo Tellez, E. Cervera 203
Robotics for the Elderlies: Involving Science, End Users, and Public Bodies F. Maurelli, M. Neitz, F. Kristein,
A. Claveria, A. Sanfeliu
Robot Modularity H. S. Park, G. S. Virk, S. Yang,
S.C. Kang

See, Touch and Hear: 2nd Workshop on Multimodal Sensor-based Robot Control for HRI and Soft Manipulation

A. Cherubini, Y. Mezouar,
D. Navarro-Alacron, J. A. C. Ramon

Workshop on Bio-inspired Social robot Learning in Home Scenarios

F. Cruz, J. Baraglia, Y. Nagai,
S. Wermter

Twisted String Actuation: State of the Art, Challenges and New Applications

I. Gaponov, G. Palli, C. May 301
Title Organizers Room

Personal Robot Interaction

Y. Zhang, J. Song Grand

Vision-based High Speed Autonomous Navigation of UAVs

G. Loianno, D. Scaramuzza,
V. Kumar

The Mechatronics behind Force/Torque Controlled Robot Actuation: Secrets & Challenges

J. Malzahn, S. Kim, N. Paine,
N. Tsagarakis

Closed-loop Grasping and Manipulation: Challenges and Progress

Y. Bekiroglu, F. Pokorny, R. Krug,
M. Li, A. Billard

State Estimation and Terrain Perception for All Terrain Mobile Robots

M. Bloesch, P. Fankhauser,
D. Johnson, S. Sukkarieh,
P. Martinet, R. Siegwart

Assistance and Service Robotics in a Human Environment

Samer Mohammed, Y. Amirat,
D. Daney, A. Chibani, A. Spalanzani,
R. Luo

Joint Workshop on Wearable Robotics and Assistive Devices

T. Petric, J. Babic, K. Mombaur,
M. Kim, S. Collins, N. Vitiello,
S. Mohammed, J. Moreno, C. Walsh,
D. Prattichizzo

Frontiers of Endoluminal Robotic Surgery

G. Ciuti, P. Valdastri, S. Wang,
P. Dario

Workshop on Machine Learning Methods for High-Level Cognitive Capabilities in Robotics

T. Nagai, T. Ogata, E. Ugur,
Y. Demiris, T. Taniguchi

Towards a Unified Workflow for Multi­contact Motion on Legged Robots: Challenges in Planning, Optimization and Control

S. Tonneau, T. Bretl, N. Mansard,
I. Mordatch

Tenth International Cognitive Robotics Workshop

D. Rajaratnam, M. Gianni 108

Folding in Robotics

S. Felton, D. Aukes, O. Ozcan,
M. Tolley
Title Organizers Room
AM Developing Advanced Robotics Applications with MATLAB and Simulink H. Bhurat, C. Santacruz-Rosero 206~208
Human Movement Understanding and Robotics E. Demircan, M. Sreenivasa 203
PM Intelligent Instruments and Software for Future Medical Workspaces Byung-Ju Yi, Jae-sung Hong 301